Voices of the Horizon is proud to present their new logo, created by the artist Shannon Walthall Frazee from Houston, Texas. It was a wonderful experience working with Shannon, and we are so privileged to have had this opportunity to collaborate. Here are some of Shannon’s words, sharing her creative process:

finalvoiceslogoRGBjpgI loved creating this logo. Once we decided on using vines around a circle to represent growth and connection, I got started drawing all kinds of wild, indistinct vines. I didn’t want them to be immediately recognizable as specific plants. I wanted viewers to look closer, explore, and try to understand. The abundance of color is another aspect of the design I really love. Each different color could represent a different person, perspective, or skill, all helping each other rise up to create something larger and more beautiful than the individual parts. The free little pieces flying off and around the right side might be ideas that go out into the world. They also might be seeds that stay behind to reinvigorate current growth. They represent the future, possibility, and hope.


THANK YOU Shannon!

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