Voices of the Horizon is proud to present their new logo, created by the artist Shannon Walthall Frazee from Houston, Texas. It was a wonderful experience working with Shannon, and we are so privileged to have had this opportunity to collaborate. Here are some of Shannon’s words, sharing her creative process:

finalvoiceslogoRGBjpgI loved creating this logo. Once we decided on using vines around a circle to represent growth and connection, I got started drawing all kinds of wild, indistinct vines. I didn’t want them to be immediately recognizable as specific plants. I wanted viewers to look closer, explore, and try to understand. The abundance of color is another aspect of the design I really love. Each different color could represent a different person, perspective, or skill, all helping each other rise up to create something larger and more beautiful than the individual parts. The free little pieces flying off and around the right side might be ideas that go out into the world. They also might be seeds that stay behind to reinvigorate current growth. They represent the future, possibility, and hope.


THANK YOU Shannon!

Art & Culture Summit in Essex County

Essex County

Essex County is part of the Greater Boston area. In the north, it encompasses a large region with 800,000 residents, including towns and cities such as Lynn, Lawrence, Beverly, Salem, Manchester by the Sea, Gloucester, Rockport and Ipswich. The coastline is so beautiful; populated with fishing villages and artist colonies.

Yesterday, representing Voices of the Horizon, I went to Essex County‘s first Arts & Culture Summit for arts organizations, artists, designers, community leaders, town and city planners and business and development leaders. It was presented by the Essex County Community Foundation and the Barr Foundation, and held at the Cabot Theatre and Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. There were about 400 attendees, representing a vibrant, engaged and diverse group of people. The summit was a great success, so well put together and led. I was very impressed from start to finish. As Voices of the Horizon begins its journey in the state of Massachusetts, and particularly in this region, I was able to make some interesting contacts, and above all, see who some of the key players are in the public and private realm, and in the arts and culture fields.

All the speakers were talking about using the arts to build community – to build bridges and break down barriers – and about how vital and valuable the arts are for our social, political, urban and rural landscapes.

Mark Davy and Lillian Hsu (two examples of the outstanding speakers), shared some of their work.

Mark is the founder of Futurecity, a London-based cultural placemaking agency, who “create cultural strategies, broker cultural partnerships and deliver major art projects” ( They have incorporated purposeful, meaningful arts into major development projects in London and globally. One of the projects Mark spoke about is, The Illuminated River. It is simply gorgeous. The bridges along the Thames River in London have been individually and artistically lit, creating and illuminating a cultural space for the city, free for all to see. It is shown beautifully on their website.

Lillian is the director of public art and exhibitions for the Cambridge Arts Council (  She is also doing remarkable work to invigorate and bolster the public arts scene of Cambridge.  She spoke about the intrinsic value of art, and how art in the public realm is a social justice issue and should not have to be fought for and justified. She has engaged artists in community work that resonates deeply with the work Voices of the Horizon aspires to do, and that I have done over the years. For example, she has worked with artists and the Cambridge Health Alliance (Golden Shoes Campaign), the educational system (Hoop Suite, an amazing interdisciplinary arts initiative by Anne Myer and Dancers), and intergenerational projects (Arts through the Ages, bringing seniors and teenagers together).

These brief examples highlight the quality of the participants and the quality of the day. It will be very exciting to see in what way Voices of the Horizon can become an active participant in this dynamic community of artists, activists and policy makers.

Maryann P.
Essex County 2

Our goal

our goal

As a global society, we are more aware than ever of world affairs, and humanity at large. This is undeniable progress and enriches our minds and hearts. At the same time, there is an adverse reaction to certain aspects of globalization, which is manifesting in a weakening of relationships and social outreach, reducing our comprehension of the world and others.

It seems vital to continue to build bridges between people, cultures, ideologies, and political systems. Voices of the Horizon aspires to create spaces for innovative participation in one’s local, national or international community, for pertinent or probing questions and debates about personal, social or political beliefs, for meaningful artistic creations, for building new relationships and for learning from and about others.

The association has planted its roots in Lyon, France (Association loi de 1901), and it will grow on the other side of the Atlantic, in the greater Boston area, USA. Symbolically, it will represent two countries, in the hopes to represent people and cultures from all countries.

Maryann P.


A new beginning!


Voices of the Horizon began in Lyon, France on March 6th, 2018.  A small, but wonderful group of people gathered to share ideas on what citizenship means today, and on their respective roles as citizens. The group consisted of two social workers (working with various age groups and nationalities), two leaders of the association Kids4Peace (Muslim, Jewish and Christian families working together for peace), one actor, one musician and two dancers (all using their art as a tool for social integration and connection).

It was a time to learn about each other’s work, discover similarities and build a positive support system.

It was a simple, but meaningful beginning…a few hours to break bread together and chat.

Onwards to the Greater Boston area in the States on March 30th!

Voices of the Horizon is taking its first steps to unexpected and endless connections.